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Star Wars Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker (aka "The End of a Saga")
December 23, 2019 07:37 PM PST
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Star Wars 1977 - 2019

Rest in Peace

In episode 94 of the Nighthawks Podcast we discuss Episode IX of the Third Star Wars trilogy, and marking a future uncertain for the franchise.

While opinions are starkly divided and battle lines have been drawn on social media- we humbly offer what we believe is a very mature, even-handed, and fair look at the movie.

Like everyone else, we have our opinions, but we are able to discuss the opinions of others without insulting their mothers.

The Nice Guys (Back in Black Friday)
November 30, 2019 10:52 PM PST
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The boys celebrated Black Friday, not by going out and spending, but by staying in and watching a movie.

Honoring the holiday, Matt and Trevor made this Friday especially Black by talking about a Black Movie. Shane Black, to be precise.

The subject of Nighthawks Episodes 21 and 22 is on deck, and Matt and Trevor are talking about his 1970s period detective comedy The Nice Guys.

First up though, the guys have been watching The Mandalorian on Disney+ an have a few spoiler free thoughts.

Also with an equipped spoiler curtain in place the Nighthawks examine another writer/director turn by Shane Black.

This isn't Black's latest turn in the director's chair, also briefly discussed is The Predator and the scandal involving Black hiring a known sex offender.

Those wanting more information on those reports can begin here. These are historical articles and are presented here for information and context purposes:

Olivia Munn Says Fox Didn’t Return Her Call Initially After Reporting ‘Predator’ Sex Offender (Variety)


Shane Black Apologizes Again for ‘Stupid Decision’ to Hire Sex Offender for ‘The Predator’ (Variety)


Fox Deletes Scene From ‘The Predator’ With Registered Sex Offender (Variety)


Victim of 'The Predator' Sex Offender Comes Forward to Thank Olivia Munn for Taking a Stand (Hollywood Reporter)


Bram Stoker's DRACULA (Spawn of Monstoberfest)
November 20, 2019 03:11 PM PST
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As day breaks on this year's extended Monstoberfest coverage, we send the 2019 horror season off by taking another stab at a boss monster.

And we mean "boss" both as "superlative" and "in charge."

In 2015's Nighthawks Episode 3, Matt and Trevor discussed the incomparable Christopher Lee and his first turn as Dracula in 1958's DRACULA from Hammer Films (distributed in the US as THE HORROR OF DRACULA).

During that episode, the boys found the Hammer treatment changed a great deal from the source material and elevated it for then-contemporary audiences. This, despite Trevor's shocking confession that he doesn't like the Dracula novel all that much.

This time around, in 1992's BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA, director auteur Francis Ford Coppola uses older and time-honored production techniques to craft a well-executed and out-of-time look and feel for a story that was originally published in 1897.

BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA features legendary makeup, costumes, and performances from Gary Oldman and Anthony Hopkins.

Also featured: not-our-favorite performance from Hollywood sweetheart Keanu Reeves.

Is the fresh 1992 polish enough for the boys in the diner to get over their Dacula property hump?

Cinch a garlic garland around your neck, and join us as we resurrect DRACULA for another battle with good.

For more information on Dracula, see Episode 3: https://bit.ly/2OuWJrN

For more information on SOME Dracula, but not exclusive to Dracula, also see Episode 14: https://bit.ly/2QCqc5S

Friday the 13th (2009) (Spawn of Monstoberfest)
November 09, 2019 10:43 PM PST
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The Monster is back, baby!

As things in the Nighthawks Diner are often conceptual, so goes the Gregorian Calendar. The Spawn of Monstoberfest knows no bounds!

As our Monstoberfest coverage bleeds into Monstember, we want to thank you for staying with the spooky coverage.

Listen, we’ll be frank. When faced with the choice of jettisoning our Monstoberfest coverage vs sitting on our Telluride coverage for later release… WE DID NEITHER. OUTLAW COUNTRY!!!

The gimmick is fun, but the thesis is stronger than the fun of the calendar gimmick. We promise.

Hot on the heels of watching 2010’s A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, the boys turn the PLATINUM DUNES clock back a year and watched the re-make/boot/hash/imagining of the 1980 slasher classic FRIDAY THE 13th.

Jared Padalecki stars in this non-supernatural (ahem) chapter of the hockey-mask-wearing killer Jason Voorhees. Was this another tired remake, or did the 2009 edition bring something to the table?

The Redux of Monstoberfest continues.

For our original discussion on Friday the 13th from Episode 51, click here: https://bit.ly/2K5ZKxq

Also discussed in this episode- since we’re talking everything relaunches, what’s up with that Ghostbusters teaser from January? And what did the guys think of the Paul Feig reboot?

The January 2019 teaser for Ghostbusters 2020 can be found here: https://youtu.be/g4lT3LEimWk

The Telluride Horror Show 2019 pt. 2 (aka "2lluride")
October 31, 2019 07:41 PM PDT
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It’s a Halloween Special, WITHIN A HALLOWEEN SPECIAL!!! The boys postponed the Monstoberfest action, in favor of a little Monstemberfest bleed (we’re committed to this bit).

This gives us a little space to bring you:

Matt, Trevor, and Mark bring you the low down from two miles up (give or take) in the beautiful mountain community of Telluride, Colorado. As it would so happen, the Telluride Horror Show was also in town- so we have a lot of relevant stuff to talk about.

There will be no spoilers for these films.

The guys talk about hotly anticipated films from Hulu and Netflix, ELI and WOUNDS. Matt has opinions on the film 1BR, Mark talks THE DEEPER YOU DIG, and Trevor makes the case for SCARE PACKAGE.

And sure to become a fan favorite, VFW gets a look from our panel, while opinions differ on the upcoming THE LODGE.

Don't forget the word is: Don't miss SWEETHEART.

Also! Coincidentally, spectral guest co-ghost Mark Ball, who dabbles in action figure animation, worked on this newly released video from the band Pleasure People, for their single Miss Midnight. Available here: https://bit.ly/2PAOyMQ

Also, Mark's latest submission to the Fantastic Fest bumper competition can be found here: https://bit.ly/2N4YmNy

For more information on the Telluride Horror Show, check their website. Information for the 2020 show is already being posted. www.telluridehorrorshow.com/ 

The Telluride Horror Show 2019 pt. 1 (aka "The Nighthawks TelluLIVE on Memorex")
October 29, 2019 06:56 PM PDT
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It's a Halloween Special, WITHIN A HALLOWEEN SPECIAL!!!

The boys postponed the Monstoberfest action, in favor of a little Monstemberfest bleed (we're committed to this bit). This gives us a little space to bring you "The Nighthawks Telluride Horror Show '19 TelluLive (on Memorex) Halloween Special with Special Ghost-Host Fancy Mark Ball" (Trademark possibly pending).

Matt, Trevor, and Mark bring you the low down from two miles up (give or take) in the beautiful mountain community of Telluride Colorado. As it would so happen, the Telluride Horror Show was also in town- so we have a lot of relevant stuff to talk about.

No Spoilers for these films, in this episode. The guys want you to look out for MAKING MONSTERS and AFTER MIDNIGHT. Two horror films that want to play and expand into very different but very interesting territories in the genre.

The guys also discuss the (capital-G) Genius of Joe Bob Briggs and Darcy the Mail Ghoul, who stopped by and pressed the flesh while dropping heavy knowledge bombs like college. We ate it up like groceries.

Clips used from MonsterVision on TNT, courtesy of TNT and Turner companies, and is presented for educational purposes. For more information on MonsterVision, visit your local internet provider. For a genuine dose of the Joe Bob Briggs and Darcy the Mail Ghoul, watch Joe Bob's Last Drive-In on Shudder.

A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010) (Spawn of Monstoberfest)
October 19, 2019 07:38 PM PDT
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For the autumnal season, the Nighthawks are talking about remakes of horror movies that have been covered previously in the podcast before.

First up, throwing back to Nighthawks Episode 11 (Titled Wes Craven’s Impossible Dream) Matt and Trevor chatted in the diner booth about the 1984 A Nightmare on Elm Street and its meta sequel Wes Craven’s A New Nightmare.

The boys check back in with the Nightmare franchise, by watching the Freddy Krueger movie whose most unexpected victim was the Platinum Dunes horror remake model.

Neither Matt nor Trevor had seen the 2010 Nightmare before this episode. Were they right to hold off? Does the remake deserve the hate, or is it a misunderstood innocent victim of remake prejudice?

Give ‘er a spin and try us. It’s prime time…

Link to Nighthawks Ep 11: https://bit.ly/2VXrkBz

The Hitcher (1986)
September 12, 2019 10:07 PM PDT
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On the lonely highways in West Texas, a young man faces down a lone hitch hiker who is on a screaming ride to Hell. Such is the case for The Hitcher in 1986, starring C. Thomas Howell (Far Out Man, Soul Man) and the late Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner, Escape From Sobibor, Blind Fury).

A film that saw a lot of change between the page and the screen, John Ryder hitches a ride with Jim Halsey, and he begins to terrorize the young man on a cross-country psychological car chase and mental breakdown.

Also along for the ride is Jennifer Jason Leigh, as a tough and smart waitress in a small town diner.

We also took a look at the 2003 sequel and the 2007...so you don't have to.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit
August 17, 2019 07:19 PM PDT
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Once again the curse of coincidental timing has made our planned nostalgic look at a childhood favorite, oddly timely.

As was announced on August 17, 2019; Richard Williams, animator, auteur, creator, and artist died at age 86. Among Williams' credits is the film that we talk about in this episode?

Part tent-pole special effects film, part period noir, part madcap animated feature; Richard Williams was the man who told director Robert Zemeckis "yes we can," when the rest of the industry told him "we can't."

An in-depth mystery, an iconic presence in pop culture, and a watershed moment in special effects film making, Who Framed Roger Rabbit was a generation's introduction to hard boiled detectives, femme fatales, and corruption in Los Angeles city planning.

An enduring classic that tested the limits and is yet to be matched. An enduring legacy for an animator who did the impossible.

July 13, 2019 04:38 PM PDT
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Content Warning: Diggstown contains overt themes of racism, violence and brutal deaths of people of color, and is headlined by James Woods. Woods has been accused in relation to the #MeToo movement.

The year is 1992 and the sport of boxing is enjoying a heyday in the United States.

Director Michael Ritchie would take a stab at some of that boxing success, after a string of other sports films including The Bad News Bears.

While not a hugely successful film, and panned by critics as being derivative; Matt and Trevor make the case that a fresh watch in 2019 isn't a wholly unwelcome thing.

With an all-star cast including Louis Gossett Jr., Heather Graham, Oliver Platte, Tex Cobb, and Jim Caviezal; the crackling dialogue and the Sting-like grits elevate this beyond any simple boxing movie.

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