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Episode 48- Neill Blomkamp and Oats Studios- Three Short Films
August 02, 2017 07:44 PM PDT
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Neill Blomkamp is known for such films as ELYSIUM, CHAPPIE, and DISTRICT 9. Once upon a time, he also tried to develop a few films that never made it off the ground, such as the WETA assisted HALO project, and an unused pitch for a new version of the ALIEN story, starring Sigourney Weaver.

But have you seen Blomkamps latest films? What if I told you it was only a matter of clicking a link and taking the time to watch them?

That's all it is.

Neill Blomkamp as launched Oats Studios, an artist collective that's released several projects, including some quick-bite skit-like videos; and three fully realized short films that function both as self-contained narrative and as a pitch reel for a potential future project.

Blomkamp is hoping to catch the eyes of a fanbase, to help directly fund future projects through Oats Studios. Both as expansions of their current projects and a launchpad for new ideas.

The three short films we cover in tonight's episode are:




Watch these shorts (Should take about 90 minutes, the same as a feature) then listen afterward for a little post-movie coffee and discussion. Matt and Trevor are saving you a seat at the booth...

Episode 47- Justin Welborn vs The Hordes- The Signal (2007) & Dance of the Dead (2008)
May 29, 2017 06:04 PM PDT
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After a prolonged hiatus, we are back to our normal operating day. Pardon our dust, mind the gap, thank you for your patience, and all of that.

Things that are discussed in this episode:
First and foremost, we have the phenomenal actor Justin Welborn, showcasing a range from the comically absurd to white hot tension with serious gravitas. You may remember Welborn from recent turns in JUSTIFIED on FX, or in the genre films SIREN and V/H/S VIRAL (two films that share DNA with today's episode.)

Before we entered into the ought-teens, the cinematic cultural landscape was rich with two different breeds of films. Teen comedies and Zombie films. While many have attempted to traverse the borders of the venn diagram to a shared space between "zombie," "teen film," and "good;" and there have been a lot of misfires where they were missing at least one of the three trifecta. However, DANCE OF THE DEAD (2008) managed to hit a bullseye and really stick the landing. A hilarious film that serves to both parody and honor films ranging from THE BREAKFAST CLUB to NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. Justin Welborn and company are high school seniors dealing with a zombie outbreak on prom night.

Following that, Justin Welborn takes on hordes of a different kind. While the Nighthawks use the term "zombie film" when discussing THE SIGNAL (2007), a general "horde" label is probably more apropos. A strange signal is sent out through all of electronic media, causing anyone who witnesses it to slowly and violently lose grip on reality. In the midst of the general confusion and chaos, a long simmering love-triangle boils over in the wake of the sanity-shattering signal.

Audio clips from THE SIGNAL, 2007, courtesy of Magnolia Pictures

Audio clips from DANCE OF THE DEAD, 2008, courtesy of Lions Gate Entertainment

Shadows of the Night, written by D.L. Byron, performed by Pat Benetar, Courtesy of Chrysalis

Shadows of the Night, written by D.L. Byron, performed by Layton, as used in DANCE OF THE DEAD, Courtesy of Illicit Paradise; https://www.facebook.com/Paul-Layton-144076565612391/

Audio clips from PONTYPOOL, 2008, Courtesy of Maple Pictures

Audio clips from PUMP UP THE VOLUME, 1990, Courtesy New Line Cinema

Audio clips from SOUTHBOUND, 2015, Courtesy The Orchard

Long Hard Times To Come Written by Rench and T.O.N.E-z Performed by Gangstagrass featuring T.O.N.E-z, Courtesy Rench Audio

Episode 46- The Final Reckoning With Cameron Maris- Oscar Special Part 2
February 23, 2017 10:17 PM PST
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It’s still that time of year, again. When some of the best and brightest artists working in the medium of film, keep scrabbling and vying for the attention of a tiny little naked bald man who’s holding a sword in front of his man-business.
Matt and Trevor, the usual suspects at the cafe of our dreams, are joined by their Oscar Czar, Cameron Maris. Cameron is a Utah based musician who Trevor saw fighting a duel behind the Luxembourg in France.
As an obvious follow-up to our Oscar coverage last episode, we spend some time talking about the big time nominees and what we can expect from the winners circle, and who we'd like to see go. We continue the rundown, burning across the gamut of categories, our final destination: best picture 2017! It’s part 2 of our quest to talk Oascar with you.
Stay tuned for bonus cold open with new, never before heard EGOT talk, which drives Trevor up the wall.

Cameron Maris Will Return In Octopussy...

Episode 45- Oscars and EGOTs With Cameron Maris- Oscar Special Part 1
February 21, 2017 10:24 PM PST
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It's that time of year again. When some of the best and brightest artists working in the medium of film, scrabble and vie for the attention of a tiny little naked bald man who's holding a sword in front of his man-business.
Matt and Trevor, the usual pair of Nighthawks that haunt the cafe of our imagination, are joined by their Oscar Czar, Cameron Maris. Cameron is a Utah based musician who Matt found while wandering the great Salt flats on a vision quest.
As an obvious follow-up to our Oscar coverage last year, we spend some time talking about the changes that have taken place in the Academy over the past several years, and in what way those changes might change the ceremony. And then we begin the rundown, starting from the bottom and working our way to best picture, it's part 1 of our quest to talk Oascar with you.
Stay tuned for bonus coverage of the EGOT, which drives Trevor up the wall.

Coming Soon: The Final Reckoning With Cameron Maris- Oscar Special Part 2

Episode 44- Punchin' Nazis With The Dirty Dozen
February 15, 2017 09:00 PM PST
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Lee Marvin
Ernest Borgnine

Most of you are already in at this point. Lee Marvin and Ernest Borgnine are definitely a performance dream team, and that bill alone would be worth the price of admission. But, let's keep going...

Charles Bronson (American actor, not British Criminal)
Telly Savalas
Donald Sutherland.

You're fully on board now. Put something between you and this movie, that's a good way to get that something trampled. Right?

But wait, there's more.

Jim Brown
John Cassavetes
Clint Walker

Whaaaaaat?! No way! Greatest cast ever?! NO!!! THERE'S MORE!!!

George Kennedy
Richard Jaeckel
Robert Ryan
Trini Lopez

We could keep doing this because there is not a single bad performance in the whole thing.

In our ode to Richard Spenser, we decide to let one of the most testosterone laden grand-daddy ensemble film, where a rag tag group of misfits are whipped into shape for a suicidal mission. All of them criminals. Their only motivation, the foggy promise of a pardon upon their survival and safe return.

It's a trope that permeates the Hollywood landscape even today, but this is the O.G. example of the notorious group of suicidal irregulars.

Strangely lighthearted, impossibly dark, barely nuanced. This is THE DIRTY DOZEN, a movie that watches just as good now, as it did back in 1967.

Episode 43- NETWORK
January 22, 2017 11:05 PM PST
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Sidney Lumet, Paddy Chayefsky, Faye Dunaway, William Holden, Peter Finch, Robert Duvall, Ned Beatty.

You don't get creative talent like that everyday, and NETWORK is one of those rare "unicorn" movies that manages to pull the talent together. A biting commentary in its time, a warning of things that could be. Now, NETWORK is seen as a frighteningly prophetic piece that foretold the state of modern media.
No strangers to mass communications, Trevor and Matt manage to parse out what NETWORK was trying to say then and what it tells us now.

Episode 42 Asian Kaiju, Greasy Stranglers, and Ugandan Cinema
October 04, 2016 01:03 PM PDT
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After successfully booting...
Then booting...
Then booting...

Then rallying, we're back with the second half of our FANTASTIC FEST coverage. Too much action for only two episodes. Stay tuned this week, for more episodes featuring Matt and Trevor talking about the movies (and television shows) that you should be looking forward to in the weeks and months to come.

Today we discuss:

M. Night Shyamalan's newest film, SPLIT, featuring the talented James McEvoy and Anna Taylor Joy.

THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS. A brand new zombie movie that is a fresh take on the genre and got Trevor excited about zombies again. Bonus: Movie is positive for Glenn Close vs. Zombies.

BAD BLACK. A curiosity from the country of Uganda that takes your eyelids and staples them to the back wall, between fits of howling laughter.

THE GREASY STRANGLER. Can a movie that was made to challenge the audience to hate it, find its audience? Evidently they did. The film's star Michael St. Michaels gives us an exclusive interview.

SHIN GODZILLA (aka GODZILLA RESURGENCE). The latest Toho adaptation of the giant screaming lizard, finds the focus not on the destructive beast, but on the government's monstrous reactions.

A MONSTER CALLS. Giant beasts, fanciful whisy, a tale about growing up. Excuse us... there's something in our eyes.

COLOSSAL. An exciting new feature from Spanish filmmaker Nacho Vigalondo, starring Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis. Is it a drama about love and redemption? Is it a Kaiju movie? Why not both?

Episode 41- Fantastic Fest, We Are In You
September 26, 2016 11:41 AM PDT
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It's our special two 'hawks in one diner episode.

We've been going through some Fantastic Fear and Loathing, but unlike Hunter T, Matt and Trevor are actually covering the event.

We're live on tape from a Texas pillowfort, bringing you first half coverage from where our boots are on the ground (toes up much of the time) for week one of Fantastic Fest, the nation's largest genre film festival.

We took a few days off from our rum-drenched movie bacchanal to catch you up on goings on in Austin - join us as we talk Texas, Tacos, Shiner Bock, BBQ, Fantastic Fest, and a years' worth of movies in a week - including The Arrival, The Invisible Guest, Undisputed: Boyka, Morgan Spurlock's Rats, and our personal dark horse pick, regional chart topper from Ireland called The Young Offenders

(And we made eye contact the whole time)

Episode 40- Unfilmable HP Lovecraft
September 10, 2016 07:10 PM PDT
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Herbert West has a perfectly good head on his shoulders, and another one in a dish on his desk.

Throwing back to an episode originally recorded in 2015, we present to you this treasure from the vaults. In a theme that would later be echoed in our episode THE UNFILMABLE WILLIAM GIBSON, the boys look into a different literary auteur. H.P. Lovecraft was a pulp writer in the 1920s, who would die penniless and unrecognized. Nearly 100 years later Lovecraft has left an indelible mark on all horror to come since. Probably not since Edgar Allan Poe can we find another author who presented such a watershed moment for modern horror.

Matt and Trevor have read Lovecraft's HERBERT WEST: RE-ANIMATOR, a serialized short story about a man with Victor-Frankenstein syndrome. But re-animating corpses of humans proves to have some horrific consequences.

This short story was adapted into a 1985 film from director Stuart Gordon, H.P. LOVECRAFT'S RE-ANIMATOR. This hard-R rated salute to comedy and horror, comes from the school of classic 80s horror cinema, adopting Lovecraft's elements into a hilariously horrifying romp starring Jeffery Combs.

Episode 39- We, Too, Did Not Like Suicide Squad
August 27, 2016 04:12 PM PDT
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It's the latest entry from the DC theatrical cinematic universe. It's SUICIDE SQUAD.
It isn't very good.
But people seem to have a problem with people thinking it isn't very good.
We feel like we make a compelling case, and we certainly don't blame anyone who disagrees with us.

This is the world we live in.

Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jai Courtney, and more team up as the villains come anti-heroes in order to save the world, but under duress.

I think. The movie isn't terribly clear.


Grand Premiere of STATUS, the official Nighthawks Podcast theme song, as re-recorded by the original artists, Chris Bucheit and Cameron Maris, under their new project: MIDDLE CLASS JOE.
Check out MIDDLE CLASS JOE on Facebook: http://bit.ly/2btsVX6

HARDER THAN YOU THINK; courtesy SLAMjamz records; Written by Chuck D, Flavor Flav, Gary G-Wiz; Performed by Public Enemy.

POPCORN; courtesy Musicor; Written By
Gershon Kingsley Charles Gordanne Michaël; Performed by Hot Butter

BEAVIS AND BUTTHEAD THEME; Courtesy Mtv; Written By Mike Judge; Performed by Mike Judge

Music from THE PRICE IS RIGHT; Courtesy CBS; written by Edd Kalehoff

FANFARE-RONDEAU; written by Jean-Joseph Mouret

BACK IN BLACK; Courtesy of Atlantic; Written by Angus Young Malcolm Young Brian Johnson; Performed by AC/DC

LET'S GET IT ON; Courtesy Tamal; Written by Ed Townsend and Marvin Gaye; Performed by Marvin Gaye

SUPERMAN'S SONG; Courtesy BMG/Arista; Written by Brad Roberts; Performed by Crash Test Dummies

YOU DON'T OWN ME; Courtesy RCA - SME; Written by David White John Madara Gerald Gillum; Performed by Grace

BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY; Courtesy EMI Elektra Parlophone Hollywood; Written by Freddie Mercury; Performed by Queen

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