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Episode 60 Oscar 2018 Part 2: And the Nominees Are…
March 01, 2018 05:53 PM PST
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It is the 60th Episode of Nighthawks Podcast, and it is time for the 90th annual Academy Awards.

In just a few short days, Hollywood (the broad concept) will gather at the Kodak Dolby Theatre in Hollywood (the actual physical place) to celebrate each other and to celebrate the art of film. Meanwhile, outside, Angelinos will be laying on the horn and screaming at traffic, wondering why it’s taking them an hour to even get on the 101.

But inside the theatre is where the interesting stuff happens. This is the Nighthawks Podcast, if you want the other stuff listen to KJLH radio’s traffic report.

Joining us for a third year in a row is the official Nighthawks Oscar Czar, Cameron Maris, who guides Matt and Trevor through some hand selected categories and nominees, in an attempt to figure out who is going to take home the weird little naked man who covers his nudity with a sword.

This is the second of our two episodes covering the Oscars, if you missed the first episode, check it out. We’re fully convince that we’re better people after making it, why not you for listening?

Ep 59- Oscars 2018: Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the (Oscar) pool
February 25, 2018 09:31 PM PST
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It is a time of fabulous celebration, million-dollar dresses, hundred-million-dollar movies, and billion dollar returns. But more than the monetary value, and the superficial outward appearance, Hollywood is getting together this weekend to honor achievement in film.

Joining us for a third year in a row is the official Nighthawks Oscar Czar, Cameron Maris, who guides Matt and Trevor through some of the interesting changes that the Academy has gone through in the last few years, and what that could potentially mean for the future of the awards.

This is the first of our two episodes covering the Oscars, stay tuned this week for our double-dip at the Oscar fondue, where we will explore this year's nominees, as well as our head and heart bets. But if you want to play along at home, you'd better beef up with THIS particular Oscar pre-game tailgate party, right in the Nighthawks Cafe.

Episode 58- Galaxy Quest
February 19, 2018 06:59 PM PST
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words of the prophet Mercury:

"Is this the real life?
Is this just fantasy?

Well, in as much as we're prerecorded voices speaking from a conceptual diner, this is (in the words of another Prophet, I. Ron Sheik) "the real." What is not real is the movie we're watching for this episode of the Nighthawks Podcast. Well, the movie is real enough, but it's about actors in the "real" (not real) world, who inhabited a fantasy world (double not real) and then get mixed up in a space battle in the "real" (still not real) world.

It makes more sense in the podcast. It's like The Three Amigos- IN SPACE

Galaxy Quest is a film from 1999, that had a modest box office, and then went largely untalked about for nearly 20 years, before streaming accessibility reminded fans, old and new, what a delightful film it is.

But is Galaxy Quest a parody of such science fiction properties as Star Trek, or is it something more? Something bigger? Something different?

Pour a cup of coffee, as we boldly go into the granular grist of Galaxy Quest.

Ep. 57- In Order of Disappearance
January 28, 2018 10:40 PM PST
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Come with us, across the Atlantic and into the Great White North, as the boys in the Nighthawks Diner explore the Norwegian black comedy IN ORDER OF DISAPPEARANCE.

Equal parts FARGO-era Coen Bros. and Scandinavian Noir (Nordic Noir... "Noirdic?"), this little movie has a lot going on for it. A favorite of festival audiences, IN ORDER OF DISAPPEARANCE seems to have fallen between the cracks with mainstream audiences in the U.S. Why is this? Is it the cultural differences? Is it the subtitles? Is it the relative age of the characters?

Matt and Trevor take a superficial glance at IN ORDER OF DISAPPEARANCE, in the hopes that our listeners will give it a chance and check it out. If you've already seen the film, take a peek behind the spoiler curtain and get granular with us.

Episode 56- Bright
January 14, 2018 02:20 PM PST
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The Netflix tentpole big-budget-juggernaut was released on Netflix recently.

Is Netflix's future so BRIGHT they have to wear shades? Or is the new David Ayer film BRIGHT low on luster?

The shadow of sexual misconduct hangs over the film's writer, Hollywood legacy Max Landis. Is it possible to separate art from artist?

The boys in the Nighthawks cafe have to see if they can sort out a lot of problems, and even more expository world building, to get to the heart of a film that's big on ideas, but maybe not so hot on execution.

What's more is, in honor of BRIGHT's shortlisting for a Best Makeup and Hairstyling Oscar nomination, we decide to give you an update on the road to the Academy Awards. Nighthawks' own Oscar Czar, Cameron Maris swings by the Nighthawks diner AFTER the episode, for a very special awards season update.

Episode 55- Star Wars Episode VIII- The Last Jedi
December 24, 2017 11:25 PM PST
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We are one with The Force, The Force is with us. We are one with The Force, The Force is with us. We are one with The Force, The Force is with us.

In Nighthawks Episode 55, we talk about Star Wars Episode VIII- The Last Jedi. Like Donnie Yen wandering deftly, but blindly, through the crossfire, Matt and Trevor wander into the battleground as they opine about the latest film in the core Star Wars saga.

A movie that has proven to be divisive among fans, it seems like you either love it or hate it. The Nighthawks have their own opinions about the film. They also, in a not-too-surprising meta twist, have their own opinions about your opinions.

Then again, the movie seems to have an opinion about all of our opinions.

Director Rian Johnson, of LOOPER and BRICK fame, takes the 2017 edition of the Star Wars franchise into bold new territories, subverting expectations, forging ahead, and putting its own brand on the beloved property. Did they go a step too far?

Meanwhile, the political conversation continues to boil. Is The Last Jedi an allegory for our modern political spheres? Our modern pop culture fan spheres? Both?

Or is this Carababba tabac cigarra just a cigarra?

Join us at the conceptual Nighthawks cafe as we avoid the Star Wars Christmas Special, and talk about the wars among the stars that you want to hear about.

Disagree with us? Agree? Let us know.

Episode 54: Rogue One- A Star Wars Story
December 24, 2017 11:16 PM PST
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Trevor and Matt play a game of catch-up for this episode. Having covered Star Wars from Episodes 1-7, over two episodes back in 2015, it's time for another double feature.

In Nighthawks Episode 54, the boys discuss 2016's Rogue One- A Star Wars Story. Matt makes a shocking confession about where he places the newest Star Wars prequel in his personal ranking of excellence, and Trevor ranks them differently, but compelling cases are made.

A bold new direction for the Star Wars franchise, tonally and stylistically, this isn't your grandfather's Star Wars. Or, more accurately, it's closer to your grandfather's idea of a "War" film than one might give credit for, walking in blind.

On top of being a prequel and on top of being a recent release in a turbulent fan culture, Rogue One caught some political flack as to its casting choices. Is Rogue One a bold step forward for a more inclusive Hollywood? Or is it an affront to the choices made in the classic trilogy.

Matt and Trevor have a few opinions about that...

Ep. 53 Justice Beleaguered
December 04, 2017 11:17 PM PST
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Here we are, we're going to wade into the fray. But suffice it to say, if we were on the Disney payroll, we'd be driving better cars.

Tonight the Nighthawks talk about a movie in current release, the latest WB/DC Tent Pole event film: Justice League.

Not unlike THE AVENGERS that came before (in many cases waaaay not unlike enough), WB/DC slams a bunch of bankable (?) heroes into a Save-the-Cat film, that resembles so many other films of its kind, we almost kind of would rather have watched them.

While neither Matt nor Trevor "hated" or even "disliked" Justice League, they don't hold back in the opinion that they were expecting a little bit more, and the puzzlement as to why they didn't get more.

Ep. 52 Monstoberfest Returns- Finding Steven: Found Footage 3D with Steven DeGennaro
October 22, 2017 05:48 PM PDT
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From the filmmakers behind Found Footage 3D: "When he's hired to document the behind-the-scenes action of the ultralow-budget horror movie Spectre of Death ("the first 3D found-footage horror film"), an aspiring filmmaker packs up his camera and travels with the film's crew to a creepy cabin in the woods. But when the fictional evil presence from their film begins appearing in his behind-the-scenes footage, he has to figure out how to stop it, or it just may find its way into the real world. In the same way that Scream deconstructed the slasher sub-genre in the 90’s, FF3D takes a found-footage horror movie and populates it with people who are aware of all of the rules, tricks, and clichés of the genre. They know how to make a found footage movie. But do they know how to survive one?"

FOUND FOOTAGE 3D, the latest release from SHUDDER, is a meta exercise, a pitch black comedy, a geek screed against the mundane, and a fully functional horror movie.

To help Trevor and Matt reveal all the Matryoshka dolls of FF3D is the film's writer and director, Steven DeGennaro. In this full interview, DeGennaro walks the Nighthawks through a soup-to-nuts behind-the-scenes look at this sharply funny and deviously clever entry in the meta horror lexicon.

Ep. 51- Monstoberfest Returns: 31/13- Friday the 13th and Halloween
October 16, 2017 10:45 PM PDT
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It's the most murder filled time of the year!

It's October, and that means it's time for MONSTOBERFEST RETURNS. This is by-and-large because October is when Halloween is, which gives us a good excuse to watch spooky movies. Movies like the aptly named slasher classic, John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN.

But October 2017 is something truly special, as well. To make things extra spooky, October also hosted a 13th day on a Friday. Which means it's a good time to break out the classic copy of Sean S. Cunningham's FRIDAY THE 13th.

Both about misfortune befalling fumble-prone horny teenagers, when mysterious killers begin picking them off in a brutal, and gruesome manner.

In what ways are these two major slasher films the same? In what ways are they different?

Have a seat in the booth and join the conversation.

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